Our investment strategy is guided by a comprehensive knowledge of the market, a dedication to concentrating on our niche market, and the inherent advantages provided by our experience and system structure.

  • Primarily, we focus on finding off-market assets which can be acquired for below market prices. Our current geographical target is a five-mile radius within Brooklyn that is no more than ten subway stops from Manhattan.
  • Each of these opportunities must possess an identifiable value proposition, such as being located in an area which has a near-term prospect for appreciation, being priced below market value, or a combination of these factors.
  • Our core products are property developments between 20 to 80 units, but these can expand beyond this range if an appropriate opportunity is identified.

On a portfolio and per deal basis, our company prefers to employ modest leverage in regard to the construction loan. In addition to having a low cost basis, we believe that this approach is judicious in order to maintain leverage at a level at which there would be no effect on the project should there be any changes to the overall market.

Brookland Capital seeks to maximize value throughout each step of the development process—from sourcing to underwriting to construction. We implement a rigorous management strategy and control all aspects in-house. Additionally, we fully engage our architectural firm and sales and marketing teams in strategic decision-making for our portfolio.

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